You can get your coffee

and contribute to this campaign


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With € 25 you are paying for 2kg of Coffee. 

1kg of Cafe Justicia from Guatemala will be received by you and 1kg will be sent to the cooperatives who import fair trade Coffee in Greece in form of money - 12,50€ -. In this way we support the network of fair trade coffee in Greece against the current tax situation.

Beyond the solidarity campaign  you can get 1kg for 13.5€/kg; 10 kg for 12.5€/kg; 50 kg for 11€/kg; 100 kg for 10€/kg. 

Your purchase of Café Justicia makes it possible for the needed quantity to arrive from Guatemala at european ground. 

For the payment you can use faircoin or getfaircoin processor, which incudes euro, bitcoin, or the official currency of your country. More info in the checkout process.